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Inspired by a vision to create the perfect hand-crafted, premade beverage, Michel Rantissi Jr. introduced American’s first ready-to-drink Mimosa in January 2021. A combination of Moscato wines and 100% natural juice, the multi-award-winning mimosa offers a variety of flavors for any occasion.

“I came up with the idea seven years ago,” said Owner and CEO of Mimosa Royale, Michel Rantissi Jr. “I have a friend who loves mimosas. I realized that we couldn’t keep mixing drinks everywhere we went. There had to be another solution.”

During the pandemic, Rantissi’s thriving business, Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas, co-owned with his wife, Jody Stafford, was severely impacted. “Once Covid hit, physical therapy was put on the back burner,” explained Rantissi Jr, “so I decided to focus on the launch of Mimosa Royale. It took all of COVID to get it going. First, we searched California for the best sourced white wine grapes. We then combined different varieties of grapes to create a proprietary blend of wine. From there, we worked on the juice, sampling every 100% natural juice we could to find the perfect combination.”

With four flavor profiles, including orange, berry, mango, and apple, Mimosa Royale has made its mark in the beverage industry. The ready-to-drink mimosa is premade, contains 8% alcohol, and has a shelf life of one year, making it a one-of-a-kind, modern-day take on a classic cocktail.


Since the launch of the brand, Mimosa Royale’s premade mimosas have been garnering recognition, recently winning Best of Class, Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the Sunset International Wine Competition (91pts). Also, taking Best of Class, Best of Show, Double Gold, and Gold. (96pts) at The Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge and placing in the Gold and Silver medal categories at The West Coast Wine Competition and The International Women’s Wine Competition. From concept to package, the journey to create America’s first premade Mimosa has come to fruition.

“What a rollercoaster,” exclaimed Rantissi Jr. “All of the flavors are selling well, and the word is spreading fast. This might just be the new thing.”



  • Nov 11, 2022
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